Friday, 5 October 2012

In Which I Write A Poem

In The Twilight Of Our Lives

I want to steal the stories on your skin,
I want to lose where you end and I begin.
I want you: heart, body and soul.
Take me inside of you and make me whole.
Although I wish that your pages were empty,
The story not yet told, the time aplenty
But this is the twilight of our lives
And we have lived, and loved,
Now we die inside.
But once more, let us brave the storm,
The story not yet over,
The fire, still warm.
Let us live, and love
And share our lasts, Not our firsts-
Consider this a blessing or
Consider this a curse.

So hush, dry your tears,
This is no time to cry.
Why waste that minute
In the twilight of our lives.

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